Discovery Deep Welcomes New Team Members

This week at Discovery Deep we’d officially like to welcome four new members who’ve joined our team. We continue to grow day by day and the addition of these new team members will help us ‘Bring the Ocean out of the Ocean.’

Joyce Steinmentz will take the role of Chief Nautical Archaeologist. She’s currently completing her PhD in Nautical Archeology at East Carolina University and has already worked with Discovery Deep helping to document the JJF-Tramp artificial reef site and is developing projects for our future.

Joining Discovery Deep as our Finance Officer, Kari Garland will join in the management of our banking and financial operations with CFO Kevin More. Kari is an IT Security Specialist from Southern California.

From the University of North Carolina’s Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City, NC, Hayley Lemoine will be joining the communications team. Hayley is also a dive master, guide, and crew member at Olympus Dive Center and will be bringing her dive and marine sciences experiences to the team.

Tanya Houppermans, a professional underwater photographer, marine conservationist, and owner of Blue Elements Imaging LLC has also joined the team. Tanya will be supporting Discovery Deep projects with her photography talents, her writing skills, and her interest in educational outreach. Tanya has won multiple awards for her underwater photography, and we’ll be featuring her work on our website and throughout our various social media pages.

We’d like to extend another warm welcome to these new team members and are very excited for the future of Discovery Deep as our team expands and we continue to ‘Bring the Ocean out of the Ocean.’