Discovery Deep's 360-Degree Video Licensing Agreement

Discovery Deep's 360-Degree Video Licensing Agreement

Bringing the Ocean out of the Ocean

Discovery Deep is excited to announce that it has officially licensed one of Media Director Nic Fuller’s 360-degree videos (Seascapes 360°: Sitting Still in Little Cayman) to Provata Health of Portland, Oregon. Provata will incorporate the video into a mobile health and wellness app to help its clients reduce stress and anxiety. While employing 360-degree video in this way is unexpected to us, it is a novel way to “Bring the Ocean out of the Ocean” - our motto. The serene views and stunning seascapes at Little Cayman Island allow viewers to experience complete immersion in the underwater world. Discovery Deep is proud of Nic’s contribution to our work and wishes Provata Health all the best with its new mobile app.

New Technology

Today’s entertainment markets are saturated with content, and one of the biggest and most accessible outlets for this is YouTube. With creators popping up left and right, and new videos being uploaded every day, it’s difficult to stand-out from the crowd.

Discovery Deep has dedicated much time and energy to build Discovery Deep TV, our YouTube Channel, into an exciting place for new and innovative underwater content. Our goal is to create amazing virtual reality experiences of historic and natural undersea sites that casual viewers and non-divers might never be able to see on their own. One of those amazing experiences is 360-degree video.

What is 360-degree video?

360-degree video is an innovative way to for people to experience the underwater world. Using specially designed camera rigs to capture video or still imagery in a 360° field of view provides the freedom to visit an underwater site or shipwreck or reef as if they were there. These rigs are built of cameras in underwater housings placed in spherical patterns. They enable the videographer to capture overlapping imagery of a site in all directions.

That overlapping imagery is then combined digitally to create a video we can present on YouTube, Facebook or through a Google Cardboard viewer. They liberate the viewer to choose where they want to go within the video, whether they rotate around physically while wearing a VR headset or manipulate the virtual environment with their computer’s mouse. Keep an eye out for our newest videos and virtual reality projects!

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