Discovery Deep's First 360 Video Licensing Agreement

Discovery Deep
P.O. Box 391
Great Falls, VA 22066

June 2, 2016

Media Contact:
Alex Stopa
Communications Director

Discovery Deep's First 360 Video Licensing Agreement

Great Falls, VA - Discovery Deep is excited to announce the licensing of its first 360-degree video produced by Nic Fuller, Discovery Deep’s Media Director, to Provata Health of Portland, Oregon. The video will be utilized in a mobile app they are developing to help those experiencing high stress and anxiety levels to relax. Provata Health is a revolutionary health and wellness company built by international physicians and scientists specializing in health promotion and behavior change science.

In reaction to the agreement, Frank Stopa, CEO of Discovery Deep commented, "We were excited to license our first video production to Provata Health. They're building a mobile app that helps clients reduce stress via the serenity of the underwater world. Nic Fuller's 360-degree video production conveys that serenity perfectly! We are all pleased to be able to "Bring the Ocean out of the Ocean" in a unique way.”

"I am glad to see companies applying these videos in ways I could have never imagined. Especially if they have a benefit for people," added Fuller.

More examples of these 360 videos can be found on our YouTube Channel, Discovery Deep TV. For more information on licensing these or any other videos, please contact Nic Fuller at


Discovery Deep provides data and sample collection support to scientific and academic organizations, and certain commercial interests. All of this is focused on furthering humankind’s understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the world’s oceans, seas and waterways.