Discovery Deep Releases U-352 3D Digital Tour

Discovery Deep
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September 27, 2016

Media Contact:
Alex Stopa
Communications Director

Discovery Deep Releases U-352 3D Digital Tour

Great Falls, VA - Discovery Deep is excited to announce that we have completed work on our second 3D Digital Tour. The U-352 WWII German Submarine, sitting off the coast of North Carolina, originally sank on May 9, 1942 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Through the diligent work with our partners at 3deepMedia, this immersive 3D tour allows users to view the sunken submarine in all of it’s glory.

“We’re very lucky to collaborate with so many talented people inside and outside Discovery Deep. That’s the part of this that enables us to bring the U-352 out of the ocean for everyone to appreciate,” Frank Stopa, CEO and President of Discovery Deep, said.

Mohamed Hafez, CTO and Co-Founder of Discovery Deep, said, “The U-342 is a piece of World War II history that we are proud to finally make viewable to everyone with a computer, keeping with our mission of bringing the ocean out of the ocean, and digitally preserving our maritime history.”

The tour can be viewed on our website here,, or in full screen at the link below:

With the excitement our 3D Digital Tours have received, it is our pleasure to let you know that we will soon be releasing a web page exclusively dedicated to virtual reality and 3D digital mapping and digital tours. For more information on this project and possibilites to feature this work in your own space, contact Frank Stopa at or Mohamed Hafez at



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